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Oximet uses a unique thermal manufacturing process that yields a high purity, exceptionally fine average particle size, high surface area, and consistent particle shape with excellent dispersive characteristics. The fine average particle size results in a very reactive tin oxide. Quality consistency is guaranteed by a fully automated production process supported by ISO 9001 Certification. Product purity is determined by the purity of tin metal used to manufacture.

Available Grades:
OTO 105

Produced from LME Certified Tin Metal with 99.0% minimum purity.

Typical tin oxide purity is > 99.7%

Excellent product for use in ceramic pigments, glazes, polishing, and abrasives.


Oximet's High Purity Grade starts with high purity, low Pb tin metal

99.9% minimum Sn content.

Custom Grades

Oximet offers custom purity and blends to meet customer demands.

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